Potassium sulphate (GreenSOP) is the most common form of potassium fertilizer usedand it is an important fertilizer source in areas where both potassium and sulphur are required nutrients.

Our product is mineral fertilizer widely used of all crops, particularly in rich soils of chloride and saline soil. It’s appearance as a white cyrstallized salt contains 50% of potassium oxide as a minimum with 18% sulfur. GreenSOP is water soluble fertilizer and an excellent fit all kind of soils and crops and used particularly sensitive crops for chloride.
Higher sulphur content makes it useful as sulphate has a effect of an acid in growth of roots and frequently uses as fertilizer in tobacco crops, potato, beet, fruits and vegetable, preferably also in salty soil and greenhouses when chloride become difficult problem. Also used in high-alkailnity land containg sodium, carbonate (an acide) also see if irrigation water is alkaline PH>7.

Importantce of Potassium for crops

Potassium element is one of the most important elements influence on vegetative growth and potassium is playing an important role in the industrialization of carbohydrates, transition dissolved material. It also helps the absorption of water and dissolved nutrients form the soil and increase brething and split cells activity and improve fruit color and speed of their maturity. And thrifty in fertilization soaks as overkill will decrease absorption of calcium and magnesium and it should avoid using potassium chloride at a ratio of chlorinein soil or irrigation water.


  • Plant capacity : 22,000 TPY
  • (K2O) : 50% min
  • (SO3)  : 46% min


  • Fertigation : (1-3) Lg 1100 Liter H2O/HA
  • Irrigation   : (0.5-1) Lg 1100 Liter H2O/HA