Potassium Sulphate Factory

Al Biariq established its potassium sulphate plant in 2009 at the capacity of 22,000 ton per year, we became the first manufacturer of potassium sulphate in Saudi Arabia and still is We product potassium sulphate (GreenSOP) from the best and purist of raw material by using the latest and newest techniques.

NPK Fertilizers Factory

The essential plant nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These elements are required for plants to complete their life cycle. Secondary nutrients are calcium, sulfur and magnesium. The nutrients are normally present in the soil but need to be replenished periodically. Trace elements might be added, compound fertilizers are used around the world with several variations.

Compound fertilizer is available in suspension or liquid or gradular or powder from and some granular fertilizer is in a slow-release formula. A numbering system is used to define the percentages of the three essential plant nutrients.

To reference to above our purpose in Al Biariq NPK Fertilizer Factory is producing a compound fertilizer from a best and purist raw materials and by using latest and newest techniques.