Interest in agriculture is inevitable. It is the main source of humanitarian food and public health care and environmental protection that should find interesting.

In recent years and as a result of progress in agriculture and the significan development in the agricultural sector to become a powerful economic and social aspects in terms of providing greater food security products. The agricultural sector has achieved high growth rates and productivity through better use of production methods and high quality raw materials.

In response to trends in the agricultural sector and in the public market. Al Biariq Fertilizer Factories focus on special chemicals. Al Biariq has associations with major players who possess the technology and the know-how of the chemical industry worldwide.

Biariq Company will also secure the necessary technical staff in order to keep up with products from the beginning of the manufacturing process and even the stage of use by farmers. And to monitor and ensure the quality of products and solution to the problems that can comfront customers or famers.